The REAL Reason Similar Houses
Sell For Different Prices

Have you ever wondered why similar houses sell for more than others?

It has nothing to do with how creative the agent is or how hard they try.

It comes down tohaving the discipline to follow a strict process which has been proven over and over again to get higher prices.

Tim Bishop has built his own comprehensive approach to selling. He takes care of every tiny detail, using tactics which few other agents know and even fewer use.

And as a former sales trainer and professional negotiator Tim works with potential buyers to sell your house for more.

However, before Tim will sell your house
he asks you to understand this:

My role is simple – it’s to get you the absolute highest possible price. I won’t beat around the bush – I will tell you exactly how it is, and what you need to know and do. This is your house and your money, and I owe you this honesty to repay your trust in me.

In exchange I ask you to consider everything we talk about. Naturally, you don’t have to take all my advice on board but please consider it as the advice of an absolute expert who is firmly on your side.

For more information on this process enter your details below and Tim will post you his guide to selling “Unleashing Your Property’s Potential” to you by post within 48 hours.

There are 5 phases to selling your property.

Phase 1. Preparation

As a young man, Tim Bishop spent many years in the army. And he lived by this quote from The Art of War.

“To not prepare is the greatest of crimes. To be prepared beforehand for any contingency is the greatest of virtues.”

This is why Tim searches for every way to increase your selling price. He commonly suggests minor improvements which can add thousands to your bottom line. And he will help you present your house to buyers so they instantly fall in love with it.

You don’t get a second shot at getting in front of buyers, and everything has to be perfect from the start.

Phase 2. Advertising

People respond to marketing in different ways. Some rely on pictures while others prefer descriptions. Others enjoy videos while others respond better to virtual walkthroughs.

Others place little trust in anything except a personal inspection.

For this reason Tim carefully prepares your marketing campaign to cater for every buying style. This gets multiple offers on the table quickly so you’re holding the cards, not them.

Phase 3. Launch

When everything is in place Tim will launch your property sale in one big hit. Buyers will be inundated with a perfectly crafted campaign on all major property websites,on social media and in the other media you choose.

Any potential buyers on Tim’s database will be called, and inspections will be scheduled with Tim personally attending. For this reason he takes the time to learn every last detail about your property. This way every question is answered and every selling point is made.

Phase 4. Negotiation

Tim is renowned for his uncanny sales and negotiation skills. He has trained with the world’s best salespeople, ran his own sales training company and stills has clients who refuse to let anyone else negotiate their deals other than him.

Tim knows sales and negotiation have nothing to do with being aggressive or pushy. Quite the opposite – he knows the best prices come from understanding what’s important to the buyer and presenting your property with this in mind.

He also recognises that buyers come to the table better prepared and armed with more information than ever before. And they’re not afraid to use it.

Rather than pretend it isn’t happening, Tim uses it to his advantage to actually secure a higher price.