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A year ago two properties were listed for sale in Coomera Waters. They were built by the same builder at the same time to the same plans. They were only a few streets apart and were virtually identical. One owner selected an ‘old school’ agent. The other chose Tim Bishop. Tim Bishop is one of the new wave of property agents. He treats every dollar as if it were his own. And he leaves no stone unturned in his search for the absolute highest price for your house. By the time he was finished, Tim’s house sold for $60,000 more than the other one. Yet it was no fluke. Tim’s methodical approach to maximising house prices started years ago. As a young man in the army Tim learnt the importance of a thorough preparation, the importance of discipline and how to work under pressure. All critical skills for a real estate agent. After leaving the military Tim travelled overseas to learn sales, influence and negotiation from the world’s best trainers.

He discovered new ways to be an effective salesperson without old-school, pushy sales tactics which, let’s face it never worked anyway. And he discovered what it really takes to establish trust quickly and get the best deal every time. After returning to Australia Tim set up a successful sales training company. However his love of real estate, (a passion he inherited from his father – an avid renovator) became too much for him and he set up his own agency. Unlike most life-long agents Tim’s diverse background and experience brings new ideas and a fresh perspective to the world of real estate.

Here are Tim’s 5 philosophies for selling real estate:

  1. Sales has nothing to do with being pushy or aggressive. It’s simply about understanding what’s important to the buyer and focusing on their needs.No matter how basic this is, you’d be surprised how many agents don’t get it.
  1. The smallest details make a massive difference. Nothing is left to chance when selling a home. The sale is often won or lost in the preparation, and no stone is left unturned.
  2. This is your sale, not Tim’s. While Tim is responsible for managing the sale, you’re calling the shots. Tim makes sure you understand everything he is doing, and will spend as much time answering your questions as you need.This way you’ll be comfortable with what’s going on, and you’ll be armed with the information you need to confidently make decisions.
  1. Welcome change. The world is always changing, and adapting quickly puts you in the box seat.Your property will get far more exposure by embracing new technology and ideas.Buyers are changing too. Thanks to the internet they’re coming to the sale better prepared than ever before. They’re armed with information and they’re not afraid to use it.

    Rather than be intimidated Tim has created ways to turn this around to his advantage.

  1. Don’t beat around the bush where money is concerned. Tim takes your sale and your money very seriously. Every extra dollar he makes you is money in your pocket for a new house, car, holiday or to invest.Tim will deal with you with total honesty and won’t hold anything back.He will tell you exactly what you need to know, and will always share his honest opinion with you. This straight-talking approach means you’ll always know the best way forward where your money is concerned.