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Why Do Similar Houses Sell
For Different Prices?

Have you ever wondered – why do two near-identical houses sell for different prices? Real estate agent and negotiation specialist Tim Bishop has the answer.

He knows the right agent can find tens of thousands of extra dollars. And he has the track record to prove it.

He has personally sold properties for $60,000 more than near-identical properties only streets away. And he has years of sales, negotiation and deal-making experience under his belt to pull it off consistently.

Here are 3 questions Tim is often asked.

1. What is the difference between good agents and great agents?

Great agents know that getting a higher price is a deliberate process. Most agents have a rough course of action. However,many lack the discipline to follow a detailed plan. And their properties typically sell for less than they should.

A great agent will:

  • Give you an accurate and realistic price range
  • Show you which simple repairs can dramatically increase your selling price
  • Share specific presentation tips proven to boost demand for your property
  • Tell you exactly how they’d sell your house without disappearing to write it up first
  • Show you the different marketing methods such as online listings, photography, video, database marketing, virtual tours, social media and newspaper advertising. And tell you which ones are the best for you, and why.

After you meet an agent, ask yourself if they’ve done a great job convincing you to use them. Because if they don’t how can you expect them to do a better job selling your house?

2. Who’s side is the real estate agent really on?

Most agents claim to be on your side. In reality, many will promise an unrealistic price to secure your listing, and then talk you into a lower sale price to get the deal done.

The process is called conditioning.The agent now convinces you the original sale price is unrealistic by making you feel unreasonable for wanting it.

Tim refuses to do this. He lives and dies on his reputation. He knows if he breaks his promises he could never get the number of repeat sellers and referrals he does.

3. What are the best ways to market your property?

In Tim’s experience it’s not what strategy you choose, but how you execute it.

Most agents list on the major websites, put a sign on the front fence and suggest professional photography. Even so, Tim sees them make the same 3 mistakes over and over again even doing the basics. And it’s costing them money.

When you meet Tim, he will show you what these mistakes are. And he will show you exactly how he would sell your house and why he would choose each strategy. And he will share real life examples of each strategy in action, and show you why it works so well.

There’s more to marketing your property than you think. And as a seller you need to educate yourself. For this reason Tim has released a book titled “Unleashing Your Property’s Potential”. It’s essential reading for anyone selling a house. There is no charge for it and it will be in your letterbox within 48 hours. You can get your copy below.

3 Reasons People Trust
Tim Bishop To Sell Their House

Has the runs
on the board

When you meet Tim he will show you different ways he has helped owners sell their properties for tens of thousands of dollars more than they expected.

Strategies and tactics to get higher prices

It’s not just what you do, but how you do it. Tim’s marketing strategies will have buyers fall in love with your house before they even see it.

Master negotiator
and seller

As a former sales trainer Tim who knows how to get better offers and a higher selling price for your home.

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